About Hawk Radius

I began writing this blog in order to keep my writing skills honed. Unfortunately, that purpose hasn’t been solved, because I tend to forget this blog for ages on end at times. However, I have found this a convenient place to vent my frustrations regarding anything troubling me. I love painting allegories of events taking place in my own life and ridding myself of angst in the process. I love talking about current affairs and stupid things people do. I also make this a place to talk about ills plaguing society, for the more I write about them, the more I find myself caring about them.

Life at BITS

Life at BITS is a series which will go on till December this year, after which it will be closed for good. It talks about my life here at BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus, or rather, the parts of it I want to share. It’s a typical college account. I talk about being fond of my friends, skipping studies, anger at the management, incompetent teachers and the like. I might eventually even write something serious about my research here.


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