On friendships and placements

The last semester at BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus. Time really does seem to fly past when you’re enjoying yourself, no? It seems like just yesterday when I was walking into BPHC with my parents, a scared and lost kid who’d never ever lived away from home. I remember the first day I slept alone here, trying to reconcile myself with the stinging loneliness which comes with leaving everyone and everything you know behind. And I wondered how I would be able to live like this for the next four years.

It should seem like a memory from so very long ago. But it’s not. Three years after this happened, I sit in my room reflecting on the wrongness of my initial impression of this college. What happened next could not be further from what I had imagined. I made friends. They weren’t just friends either, they were everything I never knew I was missing in life. Comrades, colleagues, brothers… They were everything rolled in one.

And today, as we all sit in our rooms, anxiously waiting for the results of Kanta’s interview, I wish with all my heart that he gets through Nvidia. He really really deserves it. He’s the kind of guy who’d help you if you need it, who’s technically very sound in his field and the kind of person we all believe is a shoe-in for these kinds of things.

But destiny has a way of playing around with lives. Take the case of NKM. NKM is an amazing person. The bronze medalist of the 2010 BE batch, a guy who got accepted to the University of Southern California for a summer internship without even trying, the guy who’s worked at the Bhaba Atomic Research Centre etc. He was supposed to be the first person in the batch to get placed. Instead, life doled out 6 rejections to him. He was shattered. We all sat with him, helped him get through it and prepare for his next interview. Somehow, we managed to get him on his feet and pepped up for D. E. Shaw and Co. He got in. 1.8 million INR per annum. He’s the first non-Computer Science guy to get selected for an IT profile. And he’s being paid more than most CSE guys. Way to go, matey; I’m proud of you.

Nishit Malde is here
Nishit K Malde is here! (Credits – Siddharth Arora)

Looking at (and feeling) the jubilation of NKM’s placement, I remembered everyone congratulating me when I received my confirmation for a 6-month paid internship at Kyoto University. Of course, the cheering was much more subdued and they didn’t lift me onto their shoulders (I am too fat for that!), but I could feel their pride and happiness for my achievement. News soon spread about my internship, and quite a few people have approached me about writing letters to get similar internships since then. I’m glad I could help them in whatever way I did.

This is the legacy we’re all going to carry in our hearts from this college. This band of brothers. A fellowship that will take on the world someday. Watch out.


One thought on “On friendships and placements

  1. Also the time spent in V-187 ! The initial days made me feel that all of you should be kicked out but then when the time came to leave that room, all those memories, all those moments were the most priced possessions i had in this campus !

    The name that we all gave ourselves, the name that we would never be able to tell anyone else, is something that we all proved to be. Will never be able to forget the day when i heard that name for the first time ! thanks to our Birdie Singh Dhillon for his creativity.

    3 years in BPHC gave me the chance to meet people like Chinki, Mallu, Bhaata, Sai, Bahl, Popo, Savya, Banta, Garvit, Mad-man, TDC-1, TDC-2, Paan, N, Gujju, Malde, AJ, M, Shantu and not to forget Paddu and Krishnan. Every character unique. Every single one confident with his own issue of encyclopedia. Came to know how bad people can be (Chinki, Popo, Mallu). Came to know how dumb they can be (Mad-man) and also came to know how innocent they can be (Shantu and Bhaate).

    The “PAPAS OF BPHC” left nothing undone in this college. The most “LUCCHE”, “LAFANGE” and “PERVERT” people around. I am sure that each and every one of them is single because of the remaining 20.

    Enjoyed the life here. Became masters in Mathematics here. Learnt a lot. Worked a lot. Slept a lot. Played a lot. Did everything here to the extreme. The entire credit is to B*******S !

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